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Thread: Running Graphics from Client Hard Drive

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    Running Graphics from Client Hard Drive

    I'm working on a project for a browser-based multiplayer game. My problem is that I need to be able to offer dial-up users the option to download a graphics pack and run all graphics from their hard drive rather than calling them up from the server. I only have a vague idea how this might be done without making the game itself an executable. I would appreciate any help here.

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    Firefox and the new version of Safari do not allow Web pages to display local graphics when the Web page is not stored on the hard drive. I haven't tested Opera though. Just create a ZIP file with all the graphics in one folder, then have them unzip the file in a certain directory. Windows users, it could be c:\. Since the zipped files were zipped in a folder, a folder for those files would be created automatically. Don't zip all the files, zip the folder that contains the files, then when unzipped, that folder will be created.

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