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    Question Sharepoint Portal 2003 | Requirement

    Hi All,

    We are maintaining the user contacts in sharepoint portal 2003 through contacts list. Administrator will be adding the user contacts in the list. Users can able to login in to sharepoint portal using their active directory login Id / password.

    The requirement is,

    1. If the user is a contributor (i.e non-admin) and his contact is added in the list by the administrator already, he can be able to view / edit only his contact details in the Contacts list.

    2. If his contact details is not available (Not added by the admin in the contacts list), he should be able to add his contact in the list.

    3. Cotributor cannot view other user's contact details.

    Note: User's Email Id is not getting stored in the active directory. So we are not sure how to find the matching contact detail of the particular user and display it in sharepoint portal.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,
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