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Thread: Please help me create a script to...

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    Please help me create a script to...

    I want to be able to have a simple search facilty - "job type" one field and "location" in another and i want it to search a jobs searching website.

    I want to get the script to process the returns from all the sites and format them properly and display it on our own web site - which is php run.

    this is the website "myjobsearch" that i want to search i want to be able to search on my website "what" "where" field and then i want the results displayed on my web page on a single page. But i dont want to use their script as its branded.


    please help.

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    you can use curl functions to get the html of the result page. Then you need to write a script which extracts the information you want.

    hope this gives you a first idea

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    Do you have permission to do this from myjobsearch?
    Quote Originally Posted by temp.user123
    You know... You're not so smart. Do you need me to educate you?
    If you say, "please," (and do so, nicely) then I will show you where you're dead wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephan.gerlach
    you can use curl ...
    ... or file_get_contents()...
    Quote Originally Posted by MrCoder
    Do you have permission...
    ...but ask for permission. If they "catch" you, you may run into problems. If they like what you're doing, they may even give you access to some API for better, easier access to the data.

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