I am trying to do the following
1) I have a few entry fields and a "Go" button on the screen.
2)On click of the "Go" button, I make an asynchronous ajax call to the server. I register a callback method before making the call.
3) On the server, I write the script and css link tags required to render the widget along with a script tag having a call to the jmaki.addWidget function.
Basically I am doing exactly what the jmaki a:ajax tag does. I am using the same AjaxCommon class from the jmaki java library to send the response.
4) In the callback, I read the response text and set the innerHTML of a div with the responseTxt. Everything works fine on Fire Fox, but on IE, although the innerHTML is set, the scripts inside are not executed, as such the widget is not rendered.
5) All this is done inside an iframe.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Is there a solution for this?