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Thread: [RESOLVED] have to change php extension to php5 - iis

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    resolved [RESOLVED] have to change php extension to php5 - iis


    This is more of a config problem - but just wondering if any other PHPers have had this issue. I have to rename my php files for my web host to php5 because I use a > php5 function. No biggie, they work on the host, but not on my local system (iis xp)? I know I'm missing something basic, but they work w/ FF & IE w/ a .PHP extension, but I get a download or open with dialog when I try to open them w/ FF or IE in my browser with a .PHP5 extension.

    Sorry - not really a PHP prob, but thought this might jump out at someone who ran into it or would know what wasn't recognizing what! I googled, checked here, etc, probably not using the right keyword, etc. Thanks for any pointers!

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