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Thread: How to prevent flv download

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    How to prevent flv download

    If you have a flash player on a page on your site how do you prevent or at least make it hard for the user to get the flv file being played?


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    embedded your flash in the flash player

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    there is a whole host of ways to hide it.

    What are you looking to try and protect? Because the path your on is not much different than trying to save your images from being downloaded/saved from those thieving website visitors.

    I would do everything that Flash allows you to do to protect your creation... protect it from being edited and import with a LONG password.
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    Thnaks for the replies guys.

    I cant embed it in the player because for anything more then a few seconds will suffer greatly for playback.

    Yes, I have a decent password and realize that it must be downloaded. I just want to protect it as much as possible from the n00bs etc.

    I figured I could encode a watermark overlay in the flv when encoding it so that is great but as long as the watermark overlay can not be removed by editors?

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