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Thread: Complex Lottery-Type Website

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    Unhappy Complex Lottery-Type Website

    I want to create a website that when a user enters his/her email address, picks their numbers, and is entered into a "lottery" drawing. Not for money but for prizes (hopefully provided by advertisers).

    The purpose is to have them keep coming back, collect money from advertisers (prize offerers and banner ads), use the collected emails to further increase my income, and run a successful internet website.

    So what I'm asking for is:

    • How to code the lottery aspect
    • How/where to find advertisers who would be willing to offer prizes
    • How to tie in the lottery and advertsing aspect
    • How to set up the mass email collector

    I pretty sure that this can be created with a vast amount of corresponding PHP or .ASP, but I'm experienced in neither and not even a clue in looking and finding the advertisers. I'm looking for a seasoned and experienced person who has faced something similar (not nessisarily a lottery-type website, but a website that requires many complex things), who would be willing to help out one of the little guys!

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    by the looks of it your just asking to insert a few simple peices of info into a database, then a second(or possibly third depending on how it's coded) for you to randomly select winning nos, show them on the homepage or whatever and return info on winners for you.

    I will help out with this, but first your gonna need to make sure your host has PHP and then make a mysql database.
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