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Thread: How to put spaces in a string?

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    How to put spaces in a string?

    Let's say I have a string, that contains random numbers and letters:

    PHP Code:
    $string '12hd67dgbf40dkfgeqw647nkd873d73'
    I would like to put spaces in this string after every 4th character, so that the sting would look like:

    12hd 67dg bf40 dkfg eqw6 47nk d873 d73

    The technique would need to work on strings of any length.

    I have some ideas, but they're all pretty rough. I am guessing there must be some PHP function I could use to help me.

    Any suggestions?

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    Got it:
    PHP Code:
    $cc '12345678901234567890';


    while ((
    substr($cc$i)) != NULL) {
    $cc substr($cc0$i) . ' ' substr($cc$i);
    $i = ($i 5);

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    An alternative:
    PHP Code:
    $cc trim(chunk_split($cc4' ')); 
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