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Thread: Hugging Google - Ranked At Last

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    Talking Hugging Google - Ranked At Last

    Hi Guys, hope you don't mind my sharing this with you, finally my patience has been rewarded and I have a ranking from Google, going around here with a BIG CHEESY Grin . It's taken many months of hard work and I have to say there're were moments I thought about giving it all up, but thanks to the support and help I have found in forums, that never happened.
    So Hugs to Google and Forum Members
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    Fantastic!! -Isn't it a GREAT feeling to enter two or three 'search term' words into a SEARCH engine and have YOUR site come up in the first page? I remember the first time I started coming in on the first 10 (first page).

    I have built several sites that searching just one or two keywords, come in on Google and MSN, at #2 or #3. Good ol' reliable good content, valid use of header tags, meaningful anchor text, good coding (not nested tables, etc), -all paid off. And META-tags weren't any part of this.

    Thanks for sharing!
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