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Thread: Freeing image data from memory after changing src

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    Freeing image data from memory after changing src

    Hello everybody.

    I made a script for viewing photos on my webpage. There's a list of thumbnails and one main picture. Upon selecting a thumbnail, the src attribute of the main image updates. The problem is that the image data don't get off memory when a new image is requested, so when the pictures are big, it is very easy to go out of memory. Is there perhaps a way to cause the no-longer-displayed images to be freed from memory?
    The page is here: http://www.sixtease.net/photos/

    This is my first post here, thank you for having me. :-)

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    That would require accessing the cache which is not possible with JavaScript due to security restrictions.
    I would suggest reducing the kb size. A reduction to 20% of original is possible without noticeable deterioration.
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