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Thread: Forum package/program

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    Forum package/program

    Good evening:

    Haven't been on line recently but I would like some advice concerning a forum program.

    I am using phpBB which is subject to continual SPAM which is slowly driving me nuts. I have it set so that a new member needs to be approved by Admin which is inconvenitent to new members as they have to wait before posting and I believe that they don't bother.

    Does any one know any program that might be better at avoiding or discouraging SPAM Bots?


    The Magus

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    Do you know PHP?...If not, do you know anyone who does?

    A few months ago, I was able to get past this by adding a customized question in the registration process. The question requires text be entered for the answer. "What is fourteen minus seven?". They have to type out "seven". I can change this at anytime.

    Since then, I have seen zero SPAM bots registering.

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