I'm looking for a stable, external, visible page counter, preferable sponsered by a company on the order of Google or Yahoo. Here's some background.

Twice in the past year my webhost (midphase.com) has done something to break the visible page counter on all my pages. The counter I'm using is a cgi counter offered as part of the cPanel environment. I have control of neither the cgi script nor the file(s) it uses to keep track of the page counts. Right now, the counters are broken, as you can see near the bottom of my home page. I can reinitialize each page individually by using the cPanel interface to give each page a new count. I choose not to do that again.

Fortunately I have backup page counts at http://whatcounter.com. They can make the page counts visible, but if I depend on them, there is no longer any backup of the page counts.

I don't think I can do server-side stuff outside of the cPanel environment, which is why I'm looking for some external free page counter for my pages. I'd appreciate any recommendations. Thank you.