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Thread: Advice on a template system / CMS

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    Advice on a template system / CMS


    I've been doing PHP/MySQL for 2 years or so now and fancy a new challenge.

    I've bought a couple of books on both ASP.NET using C# and VBScript and fancied making a website based on a template system taking data from a database.

    Are there any tutorials on the web that you found useful for doing this? Basically I'd just have header and footer files and the rest of the content would be from a table in a database.

    I also fancy producing a basic cms to login the admin user to add news to a site.

    If anyone has any useful tutorials to get me started, that'd be brilliant.

    Thank you!

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    Check out these Starter Kits:

    They will give you a good idea of how to set up a website. Personally I would look at the Personal Website and the Club Site Starter Kit. I downloaded these sites a couple of years ago and they helped me get started in the write direction.

    As well this link has a bunch of examples on each control:

    Your header and footer fields can be user controls:

    You just put all your code into these pages and then include them in your page. I would suggest a master page which will give you site the same look and feel with a single page. You embed your user controls with in the master page. You'll see all this in the starter kits if you download them. They do a nice job of showing you all different controls.

    See how that goes and let us know if you have any more questions.

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