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Thread: 2 buttons 2 movie clips 1 working other not help!

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    Talking 2 buttons 2 movie clips 1 working other not help!

    Ok so I have 2 buttons and both of them are to attach movie clips here is the code for the 1st button that works

     this.attachMovie("AboutUsMovieClip", "AboutUs_mc", -5, {_x:399, _y:361});
    Now when I put the code on the 2nd button and change the name of the moviec clip, new movieclip name, and depth the button wont work.

    I tried copying the same code from the 1st button to the 2nd and it worked. Of course its still playing the same movieclip.For some reason it wont play another movie clip. I am not really sure about the whole depth thing, but I changed that multiple times too and nothing helped. Any ideas why this isn't working? Thanks in adavance!

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    Try to ensure that you have exported (Linkage..) the clip in library, for the script to be able to access it.

    I mean that the "attachMovie" command requires the symbol to have been exported for action script access.

    Open the library, right click the movie clip you want, select "Linkage..." and check the "Export for ActionScript" (and "Export in first frame") options.

    Seems that the problem is this, but of course can be anything else..

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