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Thread: 1 way or 2 way is best

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    This is my new site - www.theonlinecasinobonus.com, Which is the best way to promote it, 1 way linking or 2 way linking, cause i heard that with 2 way linking you need to be very careful with whom you exchange links with - is this true...

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    you only want to exchange links with sites that are 'in your same neighborhood'... meaning that you should only link to and from sites that are relevant to yours. they should be related in some way and have complimenting content.

    you want as many links coming INTO your site as possible (again, staying within your neighborhood), but it is a good idea to link out as well.

    here's a few links that can get you started with SEO:
    some tips
    a tutorial
    and a nice list of tools

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    One way links are always better than two way links. Yor page can be penalised if you link to other pages that are not relevant to the topic that your page covers.

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