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Thread: [RESOLVED] Caching - Rewriting Header and Forwarding Email

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Caching - Rewriting Header and Forwarding Email

    Dear Friends and PHP Masters,

    I'm still a PHP newbie, and I would like to know if it is possible to use php to do the following:

    Cach pop email for one email account;
    Forward email to a default email address but with a new address on the header part "From:"

    Is this possible.


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    yes that is possible. You would need to connect to the email account via pop3 (you can use the imap functions form php or a custom written class). Once you have retrieved the email(s) you can send them with the normal mail function to whatever email address you which.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    And it is possible to do this automated?

    Also the header will have to be rewriten so the "From:" address can be changed to a default email address.

    Thanks again.

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