I am working on a site that uses MySQL 5 as a DBMS. I am using MySQL connector 5.1.3 for .NET. I am running (fortunently and unfortunenently) my developement enviroment for the time being on a Windows Vista 64-bit system in Visual Studio 2005. Site is being developed in C#.

Here is my issue. I can access the database on the server with no problem using any method possible with the driver provided by MySQL. The exception being datasets. Datasets would really help me here. However when using the designer to make the dataset it views the data just fine and connects just fine, but then once it gets to the step to generate the functions for sql commands(Select, Insert etc) I get an error on at least one of the commands saying it could not find or load the specified driver, and thusly could not create the statements. Same deal of course if I try to preview the data in the dataset designer.

Note:This process works fine using the MS SQL Server 2005 drivers on a MS SQL db, but this site is trying to keep costs down.

Any ideas? Is it my platform being incompatible or does someone know of something specific to datasets about the driver. Have also posted on the MySQL forums with no result so far. Thanks.