Hey all,

While the following does appear to "open" the desired printer
(Click to Convert II PDF conversion utility on WAMP5 stack)
and clicking the "Create" button (print) in the utility's poped-up control
panel does appear to send something to the print spooler, nothing "prints"
(no PDF documents are generated). The utility then appears to close itself,
only to reload - ad infinitum... caught in an endless loop until I either shut
down the system, or end all suspect tasks from task manager.
(haven't pinpointed which task -- specifically -- yet;-)

PHP Code:
printer_list(PRINTER_ENUM_LOCAL |
$this_printer $list_printers[0]["NAME"];
$this_printer//echos Click To Convert II 
$my_printer printer_open($this_printer);
printer_write($my_printer"Some Text to Print");
Please, the documentation is thin at best, what am I missing here?