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Thread: Problem creating download links from forms

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    Arrow Problem creating download links from forms

    Here's the code that I'm trying to implement. This code actually works on the site I found it on. But I'm having a problem getting it to work on my site. I can't figure out why it works where I found it, but won't work when I modify the code for my site. Very frustrating.

    Below the original code, I pasted my non-working modification. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    <form method="get" action="/membercheck">
    					<input name="fd" value="1" type="hidden">
    					<input name="path" value="btra3912/clips_lo/" type="hidden">
    					<input class="button" value="Download" type="submit"> format
    					<select name="fname" style="width: 70px;">
    						<option value="btra3912-16.wmv">WMV</option>
    						<option value="btra3912-16.mpg">MPEG</option>
    This is my modification that I expected to work. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    					<input type="submit" class="button" value="Download"> &nbsp; format &nbsp;
    					<select style="width: 80px">
    						<option value="mike.wmv">WMV</option>
    						<option value="mike.wmv">MPEG</option>

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    Your form does not connect to the server, as is in the original code, to do the membercheck.
    A simple link is all you need:
    <a href="mike.wmv">WMV</a>
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    I don't want to link with normal text links. I need something cleaner. My goal was to have the "Download" button initiate the download, after selecting the video format with the drop down box. You'd think it would be simple.

    Not so.

    What I ended up doing in the meantime is using a PHP script to make it so the user doesn't have to right click "save as". Most surfers don't understand that stuff. I linked that to a form button using javascript onclick="parent.location='download.php?index=0'" Which works fine for now.

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