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Thread: Picture load at once or fade in

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    Picture load at once or fade in

    Hi there,

    Is there a way, maybe through javascript or CSS (not Flash) to have a picture (jpeg) load at once or perhaps fade in as I have seen some websites do, rather than it load in stages. Basically I would like to lock the screen until the picture downloads then refresh the screen. Maybe there is a way to preload them or something?


    P.S. I might post this in the javascript forum since I am using javascript.

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    Is this a large-ish picture? What is the current 'wait time'? If this is a slideshow effect, there are javascripts that can load a default background-image and automatically pre-load the next (or all)sequential image(s). Scrolling to (or clicking) the next image, pre-loads the next image, and so on.
    dynamicdrive.com has many such *js

    An image pre-loader will save a bit of time too, as it allows the images to enter cache before the http-request calls for them, if this is someting that requires any action (click, hover, etc).
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    Hi Webjoel,

    I am making an online gallery for a photographer. The preloading of the image sounds great. All I want to do is when the user clicks the "Next" button, the picture appears on the screen at once rather than progressively loading on the screen. The images are not too big, 800 X 536 jpegs and are about 100K each (give or take).

    I've never done an image preload however, would you know what the code is to do that?

    Also, I don't mind if all the images are preloaded ahead of time, but would that slow things down? Or is it interruptable, by this I mean, can the user advance to the second image while all the other pictures are still preloading in the background, or must they wait until all the images are preloaded before they can advance to the second image?

    If not, I would be happy just to preload the next image in the sequence. Right now I am storing all the names into an array and having javascript load them into a span.


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