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Thread: Newbie in MYSQL

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    Newbie in MYSQL

    I m a newbie in MYSQL.Would somebody pls tell me the following questions-

    1. WHich is my original database after creating a Database(e.g. Student) in MySql .I mean in MSAcces DB I can find a .mdb file which is to be used.But in MySql which file to use. (If I create a database named- Student).Would I have to use the whole SQL folder including all files for a single DB.

    2. I want to use that DB in MYSQL with JAVA. Which should be the driver String for MySQL.
    I am new pls help me.
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    You don't connect to a file the way you did in access, you connect to a server using TCP/IP.

    Maybe this article from our sister site would help you?
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    1. Normally you don't need (or really want) to concern yourself with what files MySQL creates and uses for your database tables. If you need to copy, move, or otherwise replicate data, you should be using MySQL's built-in utilities for that, rather than messing directly with the files. All that being said, you should find the databases stored under your MySQL directory, probably in a directory called "data". Under that will be directories for each database, which will contain a number of files for each table.

    2. I'm not a Java expert, but you might want to start here: http://dev.mysql.com/usingmysql/java/
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