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Thread: IE Click to Activate Fix Wont Work

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    IE Click to Activate Fix Wont Work

    I am calling a swf file to popup with a javascript (popup talking head video). Everything works great except that I get the gray square around the movie in IE and you have to "click to activate" it. I found several solutions by refering to another javascript inside the one calling up the swf file. When I view the file on my computer locally it works perfect, but when I upload the files, the IE fix does not work. I put the IE fix javascript in my root directory just like on my hard drive but it just will not work. I have tried this with several javascripts with the same result. Any ideas as to why it works locally but not after being uploadad?

    Or, does anyone have a better solution for getting rid of the IE "click to activate" bug on a swf file being called up through a javascript?

    Please Help!

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