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    Question to the experts

    Hi everyone! im new to the world of web design. I currently market a functional health beverage and i realize the power of not only marketing online, but in being able to design websites. So i am currently learning how to connect the two in my business.

    I have a couple of questions: I'm designing a webpage right now that me and my sales force can all use to market our product. I want them all to have the same basic design, but to be able to customize their "about me/contact info" page. The first question is: what service would you recommend i use to do this and why?

    The second question is: On my website im planning on having 4-5 videos explaining my company. I want my organization to be able to log in and have a program that will tell them (when people give us their information) who was looking at the video, what time, and for how long. What would i have to use in order to do this?

    and my final question is this: Once my people get logged in, i want to develop a system where they can organize information given into different categories, and when people give them their information it either goes right into the message box on my site, or to their email. is there a program available somewhere that i can use to put whatever i want in it, or would i have to have someone make something for me?

    I really appreciate this in advance guys. I know people will have great answers for me and i look forward to reading them. Have a nice thanksgiving people!!

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    I would look around for a Content Management System on the net, there should be plenty available that do what you are looking for, I am starting to develop one at the moment, so I think that's what you're after.
    For the "who where and when" try google analytics, I find that they are really good, although they won't tell you exactly who was on your website, but they give you the city, country, how long they were on it for, how many pages they looked at, bounce rate etc. It's very comprehensive.
    Sorry for the rather sketchy advice, but that's the best I can do.

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    not at all.. i really appreciate any help you guys can give me. Thanks for taking the time!

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