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Thread: Changing contents of arbitrary webpages

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    Changing contents of arbitrary webpages

    Hello to you. I asked in another thread about wrapping webpages and changing their contents (like for example pornolize.com does) I was thinking about a server-side solution. Now it occured to me that maybe it could be done on the client side.

    Imagine the following: I have a webpage with an input and a script. I type an URL into the input field, the script fetches the document (if that can't be done, then with help of an app on my web server), parses it as DOM, does whatever changes and writes it into the document.

    It will also add itself (the script), so subsequent navigation will keep the changes on pages occuring.

    Is this possible? Or am I just raving?

    Update: A more specific question comes to mind. Is there a way to fetch a document by URL from Javascript? Something like var webdeveloper = fetch_url('http://www.webdeveloper.com/'); ?
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