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Thread: using CSS to contrl the color of the scroll bar

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    Question using CSS to contrl the color of the scroll bar

    hey i have recendly begun to revist my enjoyment of webdesigning and build my own personal website, i was wondering can anyone inform me of a way i may use css or maybe something else to alter the color of my pages scroll bar???

    a method that works in both firefox and IE would be great.

    also am i correct in thinking that page transitions do not work in firefox???


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    Well you wont find a method that works in Firefox because there isn't one. Only Internet Explorer and Opera allow the web page access to style the scrollbars and then only if the browser owner permits you to do it. Most have it disabled in Opera so that only leaves it to show in Internet Explorer where how to disable it is not so obvious.

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    ok thanks for that it saves many a wasted hour trying to work out why i cant get it working.

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    Ability to affect the color, width, etc of a scrollbar (part of the "chrome", or "shell" of the browser), is generally denied as it is deemed to be an Accessibility necessity. While some nice colors can be created with IE's proprietary tags, it is possible (and often, likely), that someone will make the scrollbars nearly the same color as the general background-color, making the scrollbar essentially 'invisible' to anyone with colorblindness.
    For visibility, the difference between 'background-color' and 'foreground color' (the text), it needs to be at least 100-points difference in the base-16 color schema. (Generally, I assume a 'I know it when I see it', otherwise, -you do the math ).There are color-testers that compare 'background' and 'foreground' colors for this, and rate their difference (poor, good, excellent) for visibility.

    I beleive that there ARE however, javascripts that make text-boxes that use scrollbars that are wider than~ & colored, and will be colored in all browsers. Here, I guess it matters less because if your target audience is using javascript, they get the effect. If they have javascript turned off, or don't have it at all (as in user-agents for the handicapped, some web-browsers like WebTV, etc), they don't even get the text-box. How safe does one feel creating a web site that essentially denies content to a significant part of the web community..
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