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    How can I do this???

    I am making a site where the 'start' page contains a password dialog, when the user enters a corect password a drop down box is shown and they select an option and upon clicking that option it directs them to the corrosponding page to what they had chosen.

    The question is how can i stop the user going straight to the page that the drop down box would send them to. For example: the page with the password and dropdown is /index. Say that the user selects an option from the dropdown box which redirects them to /selection.html. What i wanna know how to do is how to stop the user from going straight to /selection.html and make them have to go through the password box page first and selecting it from the dropdown box.

    Note: I do not need help creating the pages, i just want to know how to stop the user from bypassing the password by going straight to the page.

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