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Thread: Creating a player like youtube on browswer

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    Creating a player like youtube on browswer

    Hi, I currently have this project where I need to upload the videos and allow viewers to view them, currently im using windows media player and let them stream but I was planning to make the view similar to youtube, I understand that it's flash based and currently I have already converted the video to flv, but after that i'm really clueless, im not really sure if there's php involved in it so if ever there isnt im sorry it's my bad, hoping for some answers thanks

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    Well there's some sort of dynamic script going on in the back to promote and suggest videos when the current one is done. I'm betting they are also running a dynamic failover script so that if one CDN goes down, then another set pushes the videos. The main backend script though will need to dynamically generate the address inside the html to feed into the swf player file.

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    FLV solution Hotness

    Do the following and then bow before my l337 skills.

    goto adobe.com and go to the flash exchange. type in digicraft.
    get photoflip cs3.

    goto youtube and get a users rss feed. copy and past it into a blank xml document so that you have the proper xml structure. Rewrite it to point the links at whatever content you want to display. Plug the url for the new xml document into the component for photoflip cs3.

    Drag the swf for document you generated with photoflip cs3 into your custom flv player FLA, and enjoy.

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