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Thread: Website Overhaul advice

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    Website Overhaul advice

    Hello everyone,

    OK this is quite a large task and I hope to make my explanation easy to follow.

    I took over a website from someone last year, and until recently it's flowing nicely. Yes there are a few issues that need sorting.

    Problems are:
    • The Site has been up for 15 years and has never had much structure.
    • There are literally hundreds of pages that are used.
    • The site is constructed using tables to display the layout
    • The css code is good but I cannot always get the right look using the current items.
    • The pages are made with a mix of html and php includes.

    So the task I am faced with now is not changing the current look but completly changing the backend to make it smooth running. so I have a number of questions.
    1. How can I remove the tables for layout and use divs and still maintain the look of the site?
    2. Do you think it would be best to completely redesign a whole new look rather than mess with tables to div layout?
    3. As it is a football site I can transfer all the results, players and match reports into tables on a database How can I get the best out of the DB to populate the pages?
    4. Is it possible to use php variables to retain info in a variables file and make pages more dymanic etc.?

    Everyone loves the current design and we don't want the look to change.

    I have got a lot of positive feedback on here so I'm hopng you guys can help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would question the idea of replacing the tables with divs, if you want to retain the same look-and-feel? It sounds like a lot of work for little if any benefit.

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    1. You really need to redesign if you want to get rid of the tabular layout.
    2. You can use some designs of the layout and integrate it with a div layout.
    3. Yes, you need to use a database with the data, it is much easier to manipulate. You can display the data maybe by team, by season, by standings, or by date.
    4. Yes you can use PHP variables for that.

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    I just needed to know, what is your website?

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