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Thread: I need help converting a data field to datetime from a varchar(10)

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    I need help converting a data field to datetime from a varchar(10)

    I have this statement that I need to execute:

    DELETE FROM callcenter..tRecipQueue WHERE DATEDIFF(dd, expiration_date, GetDate()) > 368

    Of course it doesn't work because expiration_date is a varchar data type, which contains MM/DD/YYYY value. How can I efficiently cast or convert that data, so my sp won't complain about this error?

    The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value.
    The statement has been terminated.


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    Thank you for confirming that it was data error!

    Wow, after analyzing the data I figured it out! On my forms I was not validating the dates properly, so some how three dates were passed as 02/29/2007, 02/30/2008, which are not valid! I have three textboxes each for MM/DD/YYYY, I guess before I do an insert/update to the column I should do a validation.

    I set a string variable that takes each textbox value and I string them together.


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    Couldn't you convert it into a date type when it goes into the database?
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