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Thread: Dynamic File Download

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    Question Dynamic File Download

    I've looked around the web and this forum for an answer to this question without any luck. I'm hoping the experience of everybody here can help me.

    I have a script that creates a tarball of files on a system. Right now my page let's the user click on a link that executes the script. Then the page refreshes with a link to the file that gets created. I'd like to have the user click once and the file gets created and a "Save" window pops up for the user.

    Ultimately, I want to be able to automate the grab of this file via wget so that you don't have to visit the page to grab it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

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    Pls see RFC HTTP 1.1 Protocol

    Just send head:

    1 'Content-Type:' ... The file's MIME-Type

    2 'Content-disposition: attachment; filename="The filename string..."

    3 'Content-Length: bytes of filesize..'

    and then

    Send body of the file..

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    That worked perfect.

    Thanks so much.

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