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Thread: site looks great in FF, but not IE

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    site looks great in FF, but not IE

    I'm working on a directory listing app. It looks great in Firefox. When I load it IE, each line is thicker and the check boxes are outside of the line. There are a bunch of javascript problems too, but I will ask about that in the js forum. Here is the site: http://2007.rockip.com/index2.php


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    You may need to specifically set some of the css properties that are default in firefox, but not in ie. And you do have a doctype, I assume.

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    I've been watching this one... I have no idea here how to proceed here. Looking at the code though, -all those DIVs... -wonder if this would not be better served up as TABLE layout? The data is tabular. TABLE layout here would be semantically correct, and would also solve some other problems. I'm actually surprised that this looks this good in Firefox (which tends to suggest that it is essentially correct as-written..).

    Also, -I hope that you have the 'upload a file/delete a file' ability turned off for this publically-accessed forum... if this is working, someone could get in here and post or remove whatevers...
    I build for: Firefox and tweak for IE

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    you can upload but cannot delete I did a "a test" but it didn't display properly, in either firefox, but it was similar in both and was acceptable looking on IE.

    at any rate I agree with Joel, this looks like Tables would be the proper way to go about this, and possibly even save weight.

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    Dec 2005
    American, living in Toronto, ON. CANADA
    You can upload to it, eh? Okay... I'd be worried (if it were mine). -Someone could upload a viral-bomb or something..

    A couple years ago on *another forum* that I used to frequent (not WD), some new member posted a similar 'thing' that showed files & folders on their home-server (to show his photos of subjects related to that particular forum), that had a 'return to parent directory' link and naturally, several forum members (myself included), 'tested it' and the upper directory on the postee's home computer had about five-thousand triple-X rated images of female nude amputees on it! Clearly the person has a fetish for partial amputees... It was somewhat ...artsy I'll admit, I've seen far worse, but still, that was/is a publically-accessed forum and postee's open-access oversight was not intended for general audiences.. At any rate, -I bet s/he was thoroughly embarassed!!
    About a half-dozen people posted chastisement of the postee on the thread... the member never returned and (I hope!) that the thread was killed & removed by admins. of that forum.
    I build for: Firefox and tweak for IE

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    Wow, its been a while since I got back to this. I just noticed the posts about upload capabilities. Man, I thought I took care of any problems by disabling delete, but I completely forgot about the upload feature. Got it shut off now. Thanks for the warnings. I really don't want to switch to tables because that requires me redesigning everything. This code was 90% "borrowed" from some other site that a guy had posted for others to use. I don't know enough to rewrite it. I've basically been adding features and playing with it until it looks good in FF. I just remembered that i should check it in IE and thats when I noticed that problem.

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    About the table posts, I've heard from so many "web designer/css gurus" online that tables are bad and css positioning is the only way to go. I don't mean to start up a debate here, but I was just wondering what you guys' thoughts on that was.

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    American, living in Toronto, ON. CANADA
    No, TABLEs are not bad... they are just meant for tabular data, -of which your site could be considered. It's when TABLES are used to show 'paragraphs' and other blocks of text, and image, that it is being used incorrectly. What makes it incorrect, is that new technologies that access it are 'reading' the TABLE incorrectly. Specifically, user-agents for the blind & handicapped 'reads TABLEs' a certain way and, if not populated with non-tabular data (which is what "<TD>" stands for), returns confusing content to them. You don't necessarily have to re-write it to make it TABLE layout though.

    -Still watching this thread...
    I build for: Firefox and tweak for IE

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    Can you explain what you mean by I don't necessarily have to rewrite it? Its heavily embedded with divs. I'm just talking about the part that looks like a table here too. I'm assuming I just need to turn the actual box that spits out folders and files(box with white and blue lines) into a table. Is that correct?

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    American, living in Toronto, ON. CANADA
    Explain, -yes. "Tables are bad"? No. Tables are not 'bad' when used correctly. Your site could use either TABLE, or non-TABLE. Since you have it laid-out non-TABLE, leave it that way.
    And there are a awful lot of legacy sites out there that were build back when TABLE layout was the undisputed champion: click VIEW - SOURCE of this forum and scroll down a bit... TABLE layout. But we've already been advised that it would be a Herculean task to re-do this entire site with non-TABLEs (although I'd like to be on the team that tries to! ). Chances are, since there is a archive/database involved here, re-doing from TABLE-layout would be deleterious to continued functioning. And, since it isn't broken...
    I build for: Firefox and tweak for IE

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