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Thread: Why isnt my CSS Layer above my flash animation?

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    Why isnt my CSS Layer above my flash animation?

    Hey everyone,

    For some reason my CSS drop down menu is behind my flash animation. Does anyone know how I can change this?

    I have a drop down menu for the top most links above the flash animation on the site. I want the drop down menus to be at the top most layer. Anyone have any idea what I can do to change this? See below:


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    i just spent days on the same thing....verious reasons, but the bottom line is you need to set wmode=transparent on your embed tag...or wmode=opaque depending on the order by which your swf is loading to your html
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    yes. 'flash' has a default z-index of 'infinity', unless you specify the wmode="" for it
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    How do I go about setting that? Is it in dreamweaver? Or in flash?

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    The wmode field in the HTML can have three values.

    window (the default) places the flash in front of everything else
    transparent and opaque (the other two values) place it within the appropriate layer within the page.

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