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Thread: Bokeh's Captcha Script

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    Bokeh's Captcha Script

    So this question is concerning exactly what is says it is. I am using Bokeh's captcha script but instead of downloading the audio, I would like the user to be able to hear it right from their browser when they click on the link to the audio "file".

    Google's sign up page does this by using a javascript function which changes the innerHTML of a div to have the <embed> code linking to the audio file. The Javascript is easy enough, however, I was wondering how to actually create the audio file and save it to the server, rather than just have this automatically generated file downloaded while not created as a file on the server.

    Hopefully you know what I am trying to do.


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    disregard the post. i realized I already knew the answer, I just couldn't figure it out - set the src for the embed element inserted via javascript to be ?audio....dummy.

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