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Thread: LINQ "where" clause

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    LINQ "where" clause

    Hi guys,

    Does any one know how to put conditional statements into the LINQ "where" clause. The reason is I have a search form to which all the fields are optional and I need to tell LINQ how to search depending on if the fields are filled out or not.

    Thanks in advance!

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    re: Linq "where"

    var query = from p in TestData.PayItem().AsEnumerable()
    join b in TestData.PriceBookItem().AsEnumerable() on p.Field<string>("ItemCode") equals b.Field<string>("ItemCode")
    into payItems
    from b in payItems.DefaultIfEmpty()
    select new {
    ItemCode = p.Field<string>("ItemCode"),
    Title = p.Field<string>("Title"),
    Extendable = p.Field<string>("Extendable"),
    IsLumpSum = p.Field<string>("IsLumpSum"),
    UnitCost = b == null ? "" : b.Field<string>("UnitCost")

    if (txtPriceBookTitle.Text.Length > 0)
    query = query.Where(p => p.Title.ToLower().StartsWith(txtPriceBookTitle.Text.ToLower()));

    if (txtPriceBookItemCode.Text.Length > 0)
    query = query.Where(p => p.ItemCode.ToLower().StartsWith(txtPriceBookItemCode.Text.ToLower()));

    dgPriceBook.DataSource = query.ToDataTable();

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