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Thread: First steps in making a site compatible with IE too...

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    First steps in making a site compatible with IE too...

    Hello, and happy holidays,

    I currently have this simple layout which works as I would like in Firefox. In Internet Explorer it does not. I was wondering what steps--an alternate stylesheet?--or what corrections would be need to be made. I'm not looking for specific code alterations, but perhaps a guide as to what works with firefox does not with IE.

    the site is http://www.sirsocrates.com ; stylesheet is http://www.sirsocrates.com/style.css


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    You need a system identifier: a fully qualified !doctype that includes a full URL. Otherwise, the document cannot be validated. Screenshot image:
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    I build for: Firefox and tweak for IE

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    One of my favorite places to go is in my sig "IE is 10 years behind..."
    The other, for fixing specific IE bugs, is positioniseverything.net

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