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Thread: "Access Denied" in loading xml

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    "Access Denied" in loading xml

    Hi there,

    I have this problem which is really driving me nuts for a couple of days. Glad if any help or suggestion is given

    Javascript will give me a pop-up error "Access is denied" when i try to load a simple xml file, which is in the server machine itself. The script is within a JSP page running apache tom-cat. I am running it with IE6 from an windows administrative acc straight on the server so there shouldn't be any access prob.

    Code is something like that:

    <script language="javascript>
    var xml = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM");
    xml.async = false;
    xml.load("C:/Documents and Settings/Desktop/BTBT/abc.xml)

    // upon the load statement; javascript will prompt error and jsp dies off


    My instinct is that Apache Tom-cat is prohibiting the access. The jsp is unable to load any xml files in all location, but is able to load files within the Tom-cat application folder. (C:\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.1\webapps\..) I am however unsure where to investigate further.

    This is really driving me crazy. any advice is really welcomed.

    Thks in advance

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    yes,apache is stopping you ,because you are trying to access a resource from the local disk,try to map a virtual path to this drive in tomcat, or put the file in the tomcat root folder and point it to there.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. The idea of mapping a virtual path looks really promising. Can the mapping be dynamic and be decided on runtime when the user enters the path from GUI?

    I am trying to load any xml files that user selects. Thanks alot. And lemme know if you know of any good website about mappin virtual path to recommend.

    Good Day.

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