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    Dreamweaver Navigation Bar


    I want to create a navigation menu with Dreamweaver, but my website have somewhere like 107 pages. I want to arrange my links in 11 rolls, 10 buttons every, dreamweaver allow me to put only 1 navigation bar.

    My links are too much and i dont know how to move on next paragraph. For example i need to do this:

    Link Link Link Link
    Link Link Link Link
    Link Link Link Link

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    Don't try and let Dreamweaver do the creating for you - it will result in bloated, non-semantic unnecessary code. If the whole menu is marked up as one unordered list, both the <li>s and <a>s floated left, and the <a>s sized and styled as required, the <ul> width can be set to allow 10 links to sit horizontally. The rest of the links will then wrap automatically under these.

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