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Thread: php mp3 and streaming audio

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    php mp3 and streaming audio

    I am trying to set up something like an online radio.

    What I want to do is make it possible for people to upload audios (all mp3's). I then have a admin area where I can accept audios into the playlist. I can then schedule the audio clips in. I can select exactly when a clip starts.

    Now I want to stream this content like a propper radio station. So if a clip starts at 12:00 and last 5 minutes and someone tunes in at 12:02 then he will start listening 2 minutes into the clip.

    Now all that uploading and scheduling I have working. The only problem that I have is the streaming bit.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Thats a no I take it?

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    Ok I made some more research and made following decision.

    I will go with a company that offers shoutcast servers. They also offer something that is called AutoDJ in which I am very interested.

    AutoDJ is basically a place where you upload your files and the program is creating random playlists and even can automatically insert ads.

    Now the functionality is good but I need more than that. So my question now is :

    Is it possible to use PHP to send audio to a shoutcast server? any links tutorials or any other help?


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