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Thread: 2nd Hard Drive different OS

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    Talking 2nd Hard Drive different OS

    I have a Dell Precision 690 with 2 Intel Xeon Dual core Woodcrest processors. The machine currently has 10gig of ram but XP Pro (which I run) only seems to recognize 3gig. I have purchased a WD Caviar SE-16 500g SATA hard drive and would like to install it and run XP Pro 64bit on it and leave the XP Pro 32 bit running as it is on the existing drive. I do alot of heavy duty graphic stuff in Photo Shop, Illustrator and Corel Painter X. I believe the 64 bit upgrade will allow me to work faster and more efficiently. Do Install the 2nd drive as slave and will I be able to choose which drive to boot from. Also assuming I do this do I have to reinstall the Adobe and Corel stuff on the new drive with XP Pro 64? Lots of questions I realize but thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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    Yes, You will be prompted on boot up to select which os you would like to use. 64 bit OS will see all of your 10GB of ram. You will need to reinstall your software

    - John

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    Also assuming I do this do I have to reinstall the Adobe and Corel stuff on the new drive with XP Pro 64?
    yes. your 64bit wont "share" the program files with your 32bit. sure, youll be able to navigate to your 32bits program files drive, but they will be treated as loose files as far as the 64bit is concerned.

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