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Thread: pseudo class question

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    pseudo class question

    Hi folks, I'm having a bit of trouble setting up pseudo classes for my a element...this works in FF but not IE. I'm sure it's a simple remedy...here's the code. I've tried variations (.left:hover, etc.) but can't get it to work in IE...the background image simply dissappears.

    a.left:hover {

    <div id="navy">
    <a class="left" href="work.html">Wos</a>
    <a class="right"href="life.html">Life</a>
    <a class="bottom" href="home.html">Home</a>

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    Here is a comment from the Microsoft site on pseudo styles:
    Note The order of pseudo-classes is important. For example, the style rule for :hover must occur after any :link rule or any :visited rule to prevent the pseudo-classes from hiding each other.
    Could this be the problem?

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