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Thread: CGI on a windows 2000 iis server

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    CGI on a windows 2000 iis server

    I have very little knowledge of cgi scripts and was asked by my boss to find out if cgi scripts which we have in our current website on a unix server, can also run on our new website on a Windows 2000 iis server? Currently our cgi scripts, when you click on them, you get a page displaying all the code.

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    This depends what scripts you are using. It is very easy to write portable code, however, the majority of Perl/CGI programmers still fail to do so. Check with the author if the scripts are portable. As far as the page displaying the code, this sounds like the server is interpreting it as plain text to be returned rather than a program to be executed. Check with the server administrator if they support CGI programs, and if there is a special directory in which they need to be placed.

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    CGI on a windows 2000 IIS server

    ActivePerl from activestate.com is the version that runs on IIS.
    Check the system settings to see if it is installed.

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