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    javascript selectbox

    I am trying to figure this out now for a bit and its driving me nuts.

    I have values in a database that are for a select box they are not in a certain order so .listindex is out of the order. I know the value of the select box and send that to my function. how can i change the selected on without listindex.

    like i know the right value is abc

    <option SELECTED value="abc">abc</select>
    <option value="def">def</select>

    see what i want to do is be able to change the selected from one to the other with a function without using listindex as i know how to do that already. and i can't use a if statement on values like abc as they could change if the database values change.

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    You need to do all that on the server side. As you write out the options, check the value and when you find the correct value, write "SELECTED" in the tag. If you don't understand, post on the correct server-side forum.

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