Hi everyone,

I'm rather urgently trying to find out what is the software needed to host an n-tier web application using the J2EE platform, as well as the estimated cost. This is just for a costing estimate for planning purposes.

Could anyone give me an idea of the SOFTWARE NAME and COST of each of the following items, if it were implemented on, say, an IBM J2EE platform:

1. Server operating system (UNIX)
2. Application Server (WebSphere)
3. Collaboration Software (?)
4. Workflow Software (?)
5. Development Software (WebSphere)
6. Database (RDBMS) software (Oracle)
7. Reporting server (?)
8. Doc Mgt Server (FileNet)

If I've missed out any items in the typical J2EE stack of products for enterprise-level web applications, please do let me know too. You can just let me know the estimated price of the Enterprise level product.

Thanks so much for the help!