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    xsl param

    Parameters XSL cause me a small problem: I want to use a parameter for the beacon < xsl:include > it is with being said < xsl:include href = ' $param ' > but that does not want to go, in any case I associated a small example, I cannot use the file name directly by what I have really need to post several files XML with same sheet GRIS.XSL by using the small file xsl which will take care of code HTML, if you have other solutions, do not hesitate to propose them to me? thank you.
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    I looked at your files and tried to figure out what actually your problem is...
    I got the xml and xslt to work (ie. it is now displayed in IE6) but then nothing... the transformation is not happening...

    I will have another look at it later, but please tell us how your stylesheet is supposed to render your xml...

    In the meantime here's a tutorial on how to use xsl variables and parameters...

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