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Thread: I need help with form!!!!!

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    Question I need help with form!!!!!

    Hello... I recently switched web hosts and now have Host Gator... apparently, the form action that I had for my other host (form action="../cgi-bin/formmail.pl" method="post") is not working with the new host.... I am trying to figure out how to get my forms to submit. They are form to email forms... (where the user fills out a form and the results are emailed to me). And I would NOT like to use a mailto form... does anyone know how i can fix this??? In my FTP directory, there is a "cgi-bin" folder and it has these files in it: cgiecho, cgiemail, entropybanner.cgi, and randhtml.cgi. Can anyone help me with this???

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    You would probably be best off if you just contacted your host to see what options you have available and how to access it.
    Ryan Butler

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    Here you go ... directions from HostGator itself:



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