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    CSS Newbie


    I have a photo gallery that shows the standard options. I use tables for the whole design. The original gallery that I applied the CSS for, works without a problem. The CSS I use is for the tables.

    The problem starts when the bigger preview picture opens up in a popup, is there any way that I can override certian classes and use my own. What I need is a way to override the global property such that I can contrl the popup's tables in different way and the photo gallery stays the same.

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    Posting your code is helpful.
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    What i intend to have on my site is the visual style of this page :

    and my photo gallery is here :


    I am able to get what I require on the above link ( the actual gallery), but things go wrong when I click on the Preview...I figured that it works correctly because the main gallery's background is white...so the CSS images work well, but the preview window opens up in yellow and the CSS images there don't blend in correctly, I am willing to take those individual images and change the color, but how do I tell it in CSS that all preview windows use these altered images ?

    That's my problem. You can actually download the CSS file from the first link to see how it is done.

    thanks a lot!

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