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Thread: Addressing the source of a frame

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    Addressing the source of a frame

    <frameset rows="150,*">
    <frame noresize="yes" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src="Top.htm">
    <frameset cols="15%,*">
    <frame frameborder="no" noresize="yes" name="a" src="Contents.htm">
    <frame frameborder="no" src="" name="b">

    That is a couple of framesets i have on one page. Now, I have another page called Contents.htm which is the source of the frame named "a", as you can see.

    What i want to do, is have a function load on Contents.htm that will check which page is currently in frame "b" - and based on that it will document.write either a link or only text.

    Here is what i tried to do, and i know i messed up trying to reference the source of frame "b".

    function homePageCheck() {
    if (document.b == "WEBSITE") {
    document.write("&nbsp;&nbsp;<font color='gray'>Home</font>")
    else {
    document.write("&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href='WEBSITE' target='b'>Home</a>")

    If anyone happens to decipher this lol, I would appreciate if you could help me out. Thank You.

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    Re: Addressing the source of a frame

    Originally posted by ai3rules
    if (document.b == "WEBSITE") {
    Try parent.b.location instead.

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