Well, I'm fairly new to these forums as well as using javascript. I'm trying to create a front page image for my website, http://rctlounge.com. I was interested in making parts of the mapped image enlarge when one's mouse hovers over them, and I found the tutorial on this site for doing so. However, I did crop my image into multiple sections, I haven't gotten it to work. Here's the code I'm using, be kind, I'm new to it.
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">

Image1 = new Image(311,239)
Image1.src = "topleft1.jpg"

Image2 = new Image(311,239)
Image2.src = "topleft2.jpg"

Image3 = new Image(311,238)
Image3.src = "topmiddle1.jpg" 

Image4 = new Image(311,238)
Image4.src = "topmiddle2.jpg"

Image5 = new Image(371,238)
Image5.src = "topright1.jpg"

Image6 = new Image(371,238)
Image6.src = "topright2.jpg"

Image7 = new Image(470,320)
Image7.src = "bottomleft1.jpg"

Image8 = new Image(470,320)
Image8.src = "bottomleft2.jpg"

Image9 = new Image(522,319)
Image9.src = "bottomright1.jpg"

Image10 = new Image(522,319)
Image9.src = "bottomright2.jpg"


<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
function zoom7() {
document.emp.src = Image10.src;returntrue;

function zoom6() {
document.emp.src = Image9.src;returntrue;

function zoom5() {
document.emp.src = Image8.src;returntrue;

function zoom4() {
document.emp.src = Image7.src;returntrue;

function zoom3() {
document.emp.src = Image6.src; returntrue;

function zoom2() {
document.emp.src = Image5.src; returntrue;

function zoom1() {
document.emp.src = Image4.src; returntrue;

function zoomin() {
document.emp.src = Image3.src; return true;

function zoomout() {
document.emp.src = Image2.src; return true;

function original() {
document.emp.src = Image1.src; return true; 



<body bgcolor="e1e1e2">
<center><img src="topleft1.jpg" USEMAP="#Image1" BORDER=0>
<map name="Image1">
  <area shape="rect" coords="122,127,272,202" href="http://www.atari.com/rollercoastertycoon/"  

alt="RCT3" onMouseOver="zoomout()" onMouseOut="original()">
</map><img src="topmiddle1.jpg" USEMAP="Image3" BORDER=0>
<map name="Image3">
  <area shape="rect" coords="69,140,262,190" href="http://rctlounge.com/forums/index.php" alt="Visit 

the RCTLounge Community!" onMouseOver="zoom1()' onMouseOut="zoomin()">
</map><img src="topright1.jpg" USEMAP="#Image6" BORDER=0>
<map name="Image6">
  <area shape="rect" coords="4,163,159,208" href="http://www.nolimitscoaster.com" alt="NoLimits" 

onMouseOver="zoom3()" onMouseOut="zoom2()">
</map><br><img src="bottomleft1.jpg" USEMAP="Image8" BORDER=0>
<map name="Image8">
  <area shape="rect" coords="255,108,395,177" 

href="http://atari.com/us/games/rollercoaster_tycoon_2_triple_thrill_pack/pc"  alt="RCT2" 

onMouseOver="zoom5()" onMouseOut="zoom4()" >
</map><img src="bottomright1.jpg" USEMAP="Image10" BORDER=0>
<map name="Image10">
  <area name="Image10" shape="rect" coords="11,211,213,277" 

href="http://www.lucasarts.com/games/thrillville_franchise/"  alt="Thrillville" onMouseOver="zoom7()" 

Please tell me what's wrong, and why it's wrong so I have a reference for future.