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Thread: Web Video Encoding & Delivery Blog - Looking for tutorial ideas

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    Web Video Encoding & Delivery Blog - Looking for tutorial ideas

    I am just starting my video encoding blog that will feature tools, tips, tricks and techniques for encoding web video. My primary expertise is in FLV, MOV, MP4 using H.264.

    I am looking for some ideas for tutorials from non-video industry experts. What kinds of tutorials and info would you like to see or what aspects of web video encoding and delivery are most important to you?


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    Sounds like an interesting project. Who do you expect your audience to be? Video savvy nerds or newbies? Or both and some in between?
    I did a podcasting research project at a local college and found that lots of students were interested in getting their research projects up in the form of podcasts. They were jounalists, future scientists, etc. wanting to use the technology, but not understanding how. Perhaps that would be one target area.
    Another thing Iíve found very helpful is to create tutorials for my Web clients that show them how to manage their Web sites/server interactions (how to upload, were to put the files, etc.). Using screen captures with audio instructions, you can walk them through the steps.
    Build a library of related topics and make it accessable on your Web site for your clients. Just another way to help promote and separate your business from other Web designers, etc (or sell the tutorial service to Web designers).
    After having done Web video for a number of years, Iím leaning more toward Live Streaming now. How to select the best server, what do you get for your money, how big is the pipe, etc.
    Best of luck!

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