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Thread: css messed up in IE, general tips on what to look for??

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    css messed up in IE, general tips on what to look for??

    looks fine in gecko/firefox blah blah

    but lotsa of my table stuff looks messed up in IE7!!!

    any general things on what I might want to look for in my .css file??

    (from the forum i found that adding a valid !DOCTYPE at the top of the page fixes someone layout problems in IE... that kinda stuff etc. etc.)

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    you should post a link or your code so we have a chance to look at it directly and help you.

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    And I would recommend to have the code checked for errors with this HTML Tidy, http://flumpcakes.co.uk/css/html-tidy/ . One can enter URLs or HTML code directly.

    Not that IE isn't a crappy browser, but code errors are very easily found by Tidy. And generally, the errors are quite serious, in contrast to many of them found by the W3C validator.

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